Planning and Judicial Review: Case Summaries 1976 – 2016


To allow those working in planning, development and the environment to identify and access with ease readily digestible outline information about decisions of the NI courts on judicial review applications

“I predicted in the 2009 Foreword to this publication’s predecessor that it would be an indispensable resource for lawyers, planners and others involved in the planning sphere, as well as for lawyers working across the gamut of judicial review. It has, indeed, proved to be a most valuable resource. This volume builds on that promise and cements the series’ reputation as the definitive guide for planning and judicial review in Northern Ireland. William Orbinson is to be commended for his assiduous commitment to the provision of the most important materials in the field, in a readily accessible format and a single location. It is through enterprise of this sort that the law evolves to be a more comprehensible, more efficient, and more consistent body of thought. His efforts, and those of contributing author Fionnuala Connolly, have resulted in a book that, I am sure, will prove to be the starting point for many a researcher, and will make those endeavours considerably less onerous”